Bots Can’t Translate, Trust Me

The cheapest and easiest way to “translate” a website is to put it through a software that claims to do “translations”, and then copy paste it to the right place.

And you know the result is unprofessional. Everything sounds so fake in an automated translation ; idiomatic expression are most likely to be ignored by the machine, terms are missing, some sentences don’t even make sense.

Would you trust your bank account if it told you:

Your gold:

instead of:

Your balance:

That would sound like a scam, doesn’t it?

Step Up

Any good business deserves decent website content. That’s why I’m providing proofreading/editing services for anyone who would like to make their own website sound more French. Your text is manually and thoroughly checked — whether it has been written by a robot or not.

Ask a revision of your content right here: contact


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