French Language Tuition

Tailored For You

In the UK and Lincolnshire, French is one of the most popular languages at school and in businesses. People here tend not to be overly confident in their skills and forget that speaking a language takes time and patience. I know all of this, as I have been a language learner for more than 15 years now.

As a professional and certified linguist, I offer French tuitions for all levels – from beginner to expert – to work towards your goals, step by step. I have crafted progressive and adaptative programs that can fit any expectation by knowing where the learner is starting from and where he or she wants to go.

Please note, an initial call is required to know more about your expectations and level. This call is free of charge.

For more information about pricing and program details, please use the information on the Contact page.

Please note: all lessons are done online and access to online ressources will be granted for students.

French tutor in Louth

French tutor in Lincolnshire

French Language Tuitions Feature:

  • Writing and oral comprehension
  • Writing and oral expression
  • Adaptive vocabulary learning
  • In-context grammar lessons