Here is a list of completed and ongoing projects successfully completed so far:

  • [MARKETING/E-COMMERCE/SPORTS] FREELANCE CONTENT REVIEWER, LONG TERMcooperation, since August 2018​ENGLISH TO FRENCH. Daily 200 words translation/3000 words​ ​review on average

  • [LOCAL GOVERNMENT/CULTURE/ARTS] International Relations Officer/Translator – AMBASSADOR FROM ANGERS IN WIGAN Wigan Council – Local Government Wigan Borough (Lancashire), 12 months fixed-term (Oct 2018-Oct 2019)

  • [CINEMA/RELIGION] ​ENGLISH TO FRENCH ​12,000 words proofread, ​7,500 words translated, documentary about Islam converts in the UK.

  • [COOKING/ENGINEERING] : ​GERMAN TO FRENCH ​8,000 words translation, Technical booklet on chocolate and praline making equipment.

  • [IT/COMPUTING/MARKETING] : ​ENGLISH TO FRENCH ​20,000 words translation, Company’s website translation and guides.

  • [HUMAN RESOURCES] : ​ENGLISH TO FRENCH ​3,500 words translation, Internal communication and training on anti-corruption and anti-bribery policy.

  • [MARKETING] : ​GERMAN TO FRENCH ​7,000 ​words translation, internal promotional videos for German branches.

  • [SPORTSWEAR] : ​GERMAN/ENGLISH TO FRENCH ​485 words translation , retail website content.

  • [PROFESSIONAL TRAINING] (Air Conditioning manufacturer)​: ​ENGLISH TO FRENCH​ ​5,500​ words translation, various internal training resources.

  • [CHEMICAL INDUSTRY] ​: ​ENGLISH TO FRENCH ​1,200 ​words translation, liquid transfer industrial equipment.

Please note: End clients’ names have been omitted in accordance to NDAs, please ask for more details through the Contact page.