Learn French By Yourself

For all levels and learners, there is a ressource that suits their needs. Here is a list of my best apps and websites to learn French (and other languages) on a regular basis.

Don’t forget, those are only tools – the most important is you providing enough efforts into learning a little more French everyday. However, always remember you can get help from professionals to improve your level and feel more confident – have a look at the French tuition you could benefit from here.

My Best French Learning Ressources:


LingQ is a modular learning platform that allows you to improve your reading/hearing skills and vocabulary almost seamlessly by keeping track of all the work and phrases you learn on your account, and rewarding you for it. The platform comes in all formats – from PC to your smartphone via the app – and requires a subscription to enjoy all the content. As a community-based learning plat-form, you can share your ressources and vocabulary with others.


  • Intuitive, well detailed interface that let you decide how you learn
  • Almost infinite amount of ressources can be imported to the platform
  • Custom and in-context vocabulary lists


  • Several glitches and somewhat confusing interface for beginners
  • Community-based vocabulary hints are often wrong
  • Confusing user interface for beginners

Web Version


Possibly the most established and simplest vocabulary app out on all platforms, Memrise allows quick and entertaining learning in almost all languages and many other topics and keeps track of your progress through a point system.

Memrise allows a quick and steady increase of your vocabulary but creating fast and repetitive tasks (known as card). In a short amount of time, you can learn new words and make your brain use it without having to think about, just like muscle memory.


  • Clear and fun interface
  • Very good variety of languages thanks to the community
  • Visible progress within a week


  • No new features in years
  • Paid subscription doesn’t offer interesting advantages
  • Main languages could have more content and premium content available

Web Version


Duolingo is probably the most publicised platform for language learning. It is a staple to anyone looking for learning common languages on the go, as it packs up all you need to remain steady in your learning (it does send you a lot of reminder to do your lesson).


  • Intuitive learning of grammar, syntax and vocabulary
  • Allows you to speak basic French quickly
  • Appealing reward system and clear interface


  • Lessons lack context and external ressources
  • Theory is basic and limited
  • Lacks flexibility and requires more regularity than other learning platform to achieve your goals

Web Version


Assimil is a staple when it comes to language learning. It is similar to textbooks in its form factor, as the package comes with a book and its corresponding audio files (CD or USB drive). Assimil offers in-depth and thematic learning of the language dans its theory, while incorporating bits of culture and history knowledge about the country and its speakers.


  • In-depth learning and tools to reach intermediate level (B2) on your own
  • Fun and coherent lesson context
  • High repeatability as lessons are linked between each other


  • Higher self-discipline is required to take better advantage of the lessons
  • External ressources are limited (audio only)
  • Requires more work on theory (grammar/conjugation to succeed in progressing quickly

Assimil Website


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